DeWayne Adcock is a songwriter, arranger/orchestrator based out of the Hot Springs, AR area.  Raised in an Oklahoma pastor's home, he began singing on stage at the tender age of two and began composing instrumental and vocal music at the age of 13.  His experience dealing with various musical environments and genres has shown him to be versatile while adapting quickly. 


DeWayne holds a bachelor's degree in vocal performance and a master's degree in theological studies.  He has had the opportunity to guest lecture within secondary schools and teach on the college level regarding a range of topics that span from music in worship environments and spiritual formation to creative problem solving and communication. 

Within the context of Christian ministry, his calling is sure and his experience is vast.  Having served in several capacities for churches around the country, DeWayne has the ability to empathize and operate within the church environment regardless of size or situation.


His work has been performed by symphony orchestras, gospel artists, secondary and college ensembles, and various other groups around the US and Europe.